Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shovel this!

We got snow early this morning. And late this morning. I spent the night at my friend Daphne's house, and she's got lots of sidewalks. Sidewalks covered in snow. I, the Floridian, thought it would be fun to shovel some. And it was fun. For 5 minutes. Then it became a workout. But I did feel like I accomplished something, so it was all worth it. Thanks, Daph!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Seven days at sea

A pelican in the foreground and the Vision of the Seas in the background while tethered in Cabo San Lucas. A dozen of us took a week-long cruise from Long Beach, Calif. We stopped in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Sunset at sea aboard the Vision of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship.

Allison and Danielle in a water taxi in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was trying to haggle for a better price from the boat captain, but Allison just whipped out her money and said she'd pay whatever he wanted. Sigh.

During one of the formal nights, Dawn and Danielle mug for the camera. 

Carla specifies the roll she wants on one of the formal nights aboard the Vision of the Seas.

Diego, our patient and saucy headwater, cuts my lobster tail for me while Dave enjoys his meal.

Allie during one of the formal nights on the Royal Caribbean cruise.

Dealing a hand of ... Apples to Apples in the game room. My sister Joanne loves the necklace I am wearing.

Danielle and Bob on the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Chefs Allison and Danielle take a cooking class in Mazatlan. The "Salsa and Salsa" excursion taught us how to make margaritas, salsa, and dance the salsa.

My favorite day was at sea, reading "The Hunger Games," and sunning myself on the muster deck.

Fruit monkeys hold fruit guitars on the midnight buffet aboard the Vision of the Seas.

Our stateroom attendant surprised us each night with a new animal made from bath towels. This dog wears my sunglasses.

One of the most amazing creatures I have ever beheld, this seahorse is native to Australian waters. It was in a seawater tank at the seaquarium in Long Beach.

I got a new hat in Long Beach. I like it.