Friday, January 28, 2011

Part 4: Recovery

We are now on Day 5 post-op from PRK/Lasik.

OK, so the folks at the Center for LASIK did not lie. Day 3 was the worst. Not for vision but for comfort. That was Wednesday. On and off all day, I experienced discomfort that ranged from mild to moderate in the morning and early day to uncomfortable in the evening to 'OK, I really hate this, give me a painkiller now' at night. I describe the pain in a couple of ways: 1) Like the stinging that accompanies cutting a fresh onion and 2) Like the burning that comes with holding a staring contest and refusing to blink. Overall, Day 3 was not nearly was bad as I thought it might be. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but most of the day was a 2-3 on a scale of 0-5, 5 being the worst. I took a painkiller and a sleeping pill on the night of Day 3. Day 4 was a new day.
Day 4 was notable for its absence of pain. I felt like everything about my health was normal except for the fact that my detail and long distance vision were mediocre. Toward the end of the day, I got that feeling I used to feel when I wore contacts, that end-of-the-day dryness. But using the fake tears helped that.
I was able to go to dinner at my boyfriend's grandparents on the night of Day 4. My boyfriend remarked that I was a different person (and I felt like it, too) compared to Day 3.
Now it's Day 5. I had my check-up with the doctor, and things are healing. Dr. Gailitis removed the 'bandage' contact lenses, which have been protecting me from debris and excruciating pain. My eyes individually measure 20/40, which is legal for driving. I did a test run driving my mom's car, and it went well. I can't read street signs, but I know where I need to go, anyway. I felt OK driving. Again, there is no pain today. But since the bandage lenses have been out, I feel the presence of foreign bodies but they are not overwhelming forces. :)
I plan to return to work tomorrow to see how things go.
My mom left today, so I'll be fending a bit more for myself. She has been invaluable, and I am so grateful so was able to be here for me. Plus, the office staff — Amy, Jeanie and Dr. Young — have been so kind and patient! Many thanks.

A note on meds, just to keep you up on details:
* 5 days before surgery, I started a regimen of 1000 MG of Vitamin C per day. This will last a total of 2 weeks.
* 3 days before surgery, I started a regimen of 1200 MG of ibuprofren. This started the Friday before the Monday surgery and ended on Wednesday,
* 1 day before surgery, I began 3 different drops 4 times a day (antibiotics and NSIDs of some sort). This continued till morning of Day 5, when drops dropped (tee hee) to 2 different kinds per day instead of 3 kinds.
* Post-op, I am taking Refresh preservative drops several times a day.
All meds cost me about $177 (not using insurance).


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