Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Part 1: Deciding to get Lasik

Twenty-six years of eyeglasses and contact lenses, countless bottles of Saline solution, many, many frames and $2,127 ($177 of it of RX not using insurance) later, I finally have vision without the help of contacts or glasses. I am — so far — a successful case of Laser surgery known as PRK. I like to describe it as the "scrapey, not the flappy" kind of Laser correction.

Back in March, I had gone for my regular eye ckeck-up. While I was at the optometrist’s office, I decided to get a preliminary Lasik consultation ... just to see if I qualified. I did. I liked the staff. I liked the office. Then they told me the price — $1,950 an eye — and I decided it could wait. So I waited. And waited. Then in November, I got an email from Living Social with the following subject line: 50% Off LASIK TREATMENT.
With the thought ‘It couldn’t hurt to look,” I opened up the email. Guess what? It was the same place I had gone for my initial consultation. After a couple of phone calls back and forth between the doctor’s office, I decided to buy it.
We set a date of Jan. 24 for a few reasons, one them being that my mom could be in town to help out.

For more, read Part 2: The Surgery


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